In Memory of Pastor Joe Condro

Pastor Joe Condro and wife, Tricia

Pastor Joe Condro and Tricia Condro in 2017 at Pines Chapel Presbyterian Church     

Rev. Joseph F. Condro Profile Photo Obituary for Pastor Joe Condro


Sympathy is extended to the family of our dear friend and former Pastor, Joseph F. Condro of Churchville, Maryland, who went to heaven peacefully on May 23, 2023.  We were extremely pleased to welcome Pastor Joe Condro to the pulpit for his first worship Sunday at Pines Chapel Presbyterian Church in Greenville, Virginia on November 1, 2015. We were thrilled that he would be with us for five more Sundays at that time. We met Tricia that day and met the rest of the family as time went on. 

Pastor Joe’s dedication to his ministry was evident and his knowledge was wonderful. He was easy to approach and was immediately accepted as part of our family at Pines. Pastor Joe was instrumental in Pines purchasing a font for the sanctuary that was inscribed as well as new Exit signs for the entire church. Pastor Joe and Tricia were involved in all activities at Pines Chapel. He had “Time With our Young Disciples” during worship service and made it very interesting for everyone; and, his help was wonderful during Bible School while Tricia helped in the kitchen. 

Pastor Joe was the first one to pick up a softball and glove when there was a game to play. Of course he made it known that he loved the New York Yankees although there was only one person in the congregation that agreed with him! Pastor Joe held all services while he was at Pines Chapel including Professions of Faith, Baptisms, Transfers, Elections of Elders, Ordination and Installation of Elders and Funerals. We will always remember his kindness and love; and, we think of him very often here in “our little church in the Pines.” 

There is a joyous celebration in the Lord’s house for one who has gone home. 

                          From Sharon Roadcap

                         Pines Chapel Secretary