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  1. A woman that went to church here wrote a poem after my mother Linda Louise Flick passed away November 12,1996. I (Mari Flick) was only a little girl and wish I could remember the poem. Shannon or Sharron Roadcap is a name that I think of when trying to remember. The stained glass window in the nursery was in memory of her If i remember correctly. If by chance she still goes to church here or another member might remember I would love to hear it again. Today is her birthday and I miss her so much I didn’t even have a chance to know her. I know she never left me she has always been beside me and forever in my heart.

    1. Hello!
      My name is Amy Harris, Pines Historian and webmaster. Sharon Roadcap is still a member at Pines and remembers you and your family fondly. She says she thinks she still has the poem she wrote and will look for it. When she finds it, I will send it on to you.
      Thank you,
      Amy Harris

  2. I need to talk to someone concerning a grave site for a friend of mine that past away and was given a grave site at your church before he past .

    1. Hello,
      If you want to find out about a plot or marker, you will need to contact Danny Myrtle. He is the Elder in charge of the cemetery at Pines Chapel. You can send an email to the church or call the church and leave a message.

      Amy Harris

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