Special Baptism

Baptism of Emily Renee Kegley

On Sunday, September 8, 2019 Emily Renee Kegley was baptized by immersion in the South River near Vesuvius, Virginia. It was the first time Pastor Joe Condro had done this type of baptism, which made it even more special. Emily chose to have this done and even helped to pick out the area! It was a special time with all the congregation and Emily’s family and friends gathered with her to witness. Her grandfather, Danny Myrtle, sponsored her and helped with her baptism. Refreshments were served after the service. Photos of this special event are below!

Everyone gathers at the river
Younger children having fun at the river
Sharon Roadcap opens the service


Pastor Joe Condro welcomes everyone to this special service
Emily thanks everyone for coming to witness her baptism
Emily’s family comes up to be with her
Emily is baptized
Pastor Joe anoints Emily with oil
Emily is greeted as she comes out of the river
Emily after her baptism