Pines Chapel History

In a little log cabin in 1881 the young men’s Christian association began prayer meetings and Dr. Murray held afternoon services. This was our beginning.

The little cabin burned down, but a new one room chapel was built closer to the road where the old cemetery surrounded it. The congregation realized they needed more room, so they bought Pines School House, which was across the road from the chapel, for $100.00.

Pines School House and Old Pines Chapel
Pines School House and Old Pines Chapel

In 1942, the little one room building was moved and connected to the old school.




Years passed by and in 1954 a new sanctuary was dedicated debt free; and, in 1965, a new education building was ready for the congregation to use.

In 1994, Pines Chapel became a full church and new art glass windows were installed in 1997. Since that time Harlan and Mary Senger gave the church an adjoining lot; and, a new pavilion was given in honor and glory of Harlan and Mary Senger and in memory of Dorothy Thompson by her husband, Gene Thompson. Our little church continues to grow year after year!